Cricket is one of the most exciting and favored sports of the stretch. People with extraordinary talent have attained a lot in cricket. One talented Cricket player is Rajpal Singh Solanki.

Rajpal Singh Solanki is a professional cricket player from Thikana Malpura. Coming from a small town of Madhya Pradesh, son of Jujhar Singh Darbar who is a farmer and a politician, this guy has procured a lot.

Because of his talent and dedication, he made it through at a very young age. He has played several BCCI tournaments for Manipur Under 23, scored 226 runs not out in Bhopal Babe Ali Stadium, played division from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, and for Laxman Singh Gaud academy, Indore.

Also, he has won the man of the match in Vivekanand Club Tournament where he performed exceptionally well. His exemplary performances in various tournaments were possible because of the guidance and support of his coaches Sachin Dholpure and Prabhat Sameeriya.

Thus, right mentoring and immense dedication made all these things viable for him today which would surely usher him to the path of success.