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Private Jet: New addition to Mohammad Makhlouf’s grand lifestyle

While Makhlouf enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, he is also one of the most charitable individuals in the world.

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While luxury and a penchant for the finer things in life are often acquired tastes, there are those who are born with an inherent finesse and appreciation for them. One such individual is Mohammad Makhlouf, a popular public figure in Syria known for being a serial entrepreneur, visionary and philanthropist with a whopping net worth of USD 2 billion. He recently decided to create the world’s first flying luxury house that costs USD 43 million!

When Makhlouf grew tired of travelling in congested private jets, he drew inspiration from his fondness for luxurious homes and technology, deciding to combine the two interests and create a luxurious home that could fly. Makhlouf explained his perspective, “I hate small, narrow, and crowded private jets. That’s why I customized my own plane to have a luxurious feel and spacious interiors. I chose this design because I wished to make a flying luxurious modern house, rather than just another plane.”

Makhlouf set aside a massive budget of 43 million dollars and used his creativity and ingenuity to transform a BAe 146 into a magnificent luxury home on wings. The layout includes two massive living rooms, a spacious bedroom, a bathroom with a shower, a dining room and a separate meeting room, complete with opulent furniture. For the finishing touch, the initials “MRM” were carved into every piece of furniture. Makhlouf has also hired a crew of 5 members to cater to all his needs, frequently working and having meetings while airborne.

Powered by a customized Rolls Royce engine, this flying marvel redefines luxury as we know it. The couches have been upholstered with the finest quality of leather, wood veneers adorn the walls, the floors are covered with an ensemble of fine carpets and marble tiles. Even the ceiling was designed to resemble the luxurious interiors of a lavish house. One can sit back and recline in comfortable lounge chairs while enjoying the in-flight internet to stay connected to the world. Mohammad added, “With every possible comfort and amenity at my disposal, I thoroughly enjoy working while I travel. It quite literally has become my home away from home.”

Mohammad Makhlouf is also the founder of MRM Holdings – an ambitious construction project set to launch in 2022, and among the youngest billionaire entrepreneurs in the world. When he isn’t busy creating luxurious flying houses, the young tycoon spends his time collecting sports cars. Mohammad is an avid car collector and is also the proud owner of the number plates “2” and “7.” In his spare time, he enjoys indulging in golf as well.

While Makhlouf enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, he is also one of the most charitable individuals in the world. Apart from his foundation MRM Charity, Makhlouf has received awards such as “Syria’s most charitable individual 2018” and the coveted “Al Amal Award”. He has also launched several major projects to help improve the lives of the people in his homeland, including Syria’s largest wind energy project.

Makhlouf is a man of many talents. From entrepreneurship and philanthropy to flying luxury homes and collecting sports cars, he is a man who knows how to make a statement while simultaneously being well-aware of the world around him. While his flying luxury home is making headlines all across the world, it is certain that he will continue to make his mark on Syria and become even more well-recognized in the coming years.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No journalist is involved in creation of this content.