For 25-year-old Parikshit Shah, Osteogenesis imperfect—also called the brittle bone disease—has never been a limitation in pursuing his dreams. Due to the very rare condition, of which there are fewer than 100 thousand cases per year in India, Parikshit’s movements and growth are confined.

Having lost his father at the tender age of eight, he was brought up by his mother, Vijayaben. It was she who instilled in Parikshit an iron will and a strong determination to surpass all odds.

Take, for instance, how he has never let his condition jeopardize his academics. For most of his life, he has taken exams lying down. At times, he even refused to take the help of a writer to finish his exams, though he was perfectly eligible for the same. Parikshit can boast of an academic record that not many can. Eighty per cent marks in the SSC. Seventy-five per cent marks in the HSC exams. A B. Com degree from The University of Mumbai with a score of 75%. An MA in Economics from Pune University.

Parikshit has also recently cleared the entrance exam for a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) on ‘Micro Economics in Urban Development’. For someone who was rejected by multiple schools for admission, what Parikshit has achieved academically is phenomenal. And, it is not just about proving the doubters wrong, but also about the way he looks at life.

So, what does Parikshit have on his plate now?

Though he has plans to pursue his Ph.D. at some point in time, right now all his focus is on his start-up Eerlik Media. He is burning the midnight oil, literally, to build his company in the field of internet and social media marketing and digital branding. His love for the internet is not new, and he utilized the power of the medium to land his first online job when he was just 21. He realized how potent the powers of social media, internet marketing, and digital branding were. Soon, Parikshit decided to make it a venture and explore how he could leverage it to grow his business.

He now works with different clients from diverse fields and helps them in cementing their digital presence.

Parikshit’s message to the youth: Expand your horizons, seek out more opportunities, upgrade your skills, and don’t be afraid to experiment. He urges the youth to not look down upon any work as there is always something new to be learned along the way.