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Jaydip Dholariya and Nihal Bhalala understand the market before selling products

Both the gentlemen are highly skilled and hold expertise in diverse fields.

Advertorial | New Delhi |

Online business has its own set of challenges. While the competition is fierce, the product markets are saturated. Understanding the market before selling products is very important.

Today we tell you about two budding entrepreneurs named Jaydip Dholariya and Nihal Bhalala who founded Stayclassy, an online shopping store for all the trendy products. Initially, the duo started selling mobile cases and covers after which they expanded the business by selling products like T-shirts, watches, mugs and various other customized products. They left engineering to build an online business which has now become a massive success for them.

Both the gentlemen are highly skilled and hold expertise in diverse fields. Jaydip is an IT engineer and Nihal comes from the field of electrical engineering who earlier worked as an RF engineer at Bharti Airtel.

It was in May 2017 they coined the idea of establishing an e-commerce business. That’s when the idea of Stayclassy came to life which created a niche by selling mobile cases. The biggest roadblock for the business was COD as the only mode of payment. Offering premium and high-end quality products saw the rise in sales after which they made prepaid offers available for the customers.

With more than 20,000 monthly prepaid orders, Stayclassy expanded its horizon by selling several other products. When asked how their online store handles competition amidst various e-commerce giants, Jaydip stated that they earlier did market research and understood the pricing strategy of other e-commerce websites.

He further said, “Other online shopping portals are selling products at a higher price to cover the losses of the COD orders. It was there we played a smart move and offered quality products at a reasonable rate in the prepaid method.” Another important strategy of Stayclassy is that they are adding all the trendy products on their store at a reasonable rate.

The offices of Stayclassy are being operated from Ahmedabad and Surat. Till date, more than 550 thousand orders have been placed successfully and the founders are hopeful that they will get a terrific response on the launch of their upcoming products.

Moreover, Nihal even revealed that the year 2020 has been a fruitful year for the company with the sales getting doubled than the previous year.

Nihal takes care of production, packaging, shipping, customer support and product analysis operates from Ahmedabad whereas Jaydip operates from Surat and looks into the website development, backend support and digital marketing. Stayclassy with a team of 40 people is expanding and the e-commerce website is soon launching a lot of products by the coming year.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No journalist is involved in creation of this content.