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Humble Beginnings of a Creative Journey

Brand Post | New Delhi |


As a child, Vigneshwar was mesmerized by the enchantment that is film. That was when the seed was planted within, and he decided that he was going to pursue his passion for filmmaking.

As a filmmaker, Vigneshwar is primarily interested in dramedies, animation, and virtual production, but he has also worked in other genres as well. Among the works Vigneshwar has helped produce include The Gift, a science fiction short film about a teenager who receives a gift that unravels well-kept secrets about both of his parents and Get Kissed Or Die Brian, a film about an adolescent’s sexual journey and the awkwardness of exploring sex and your sexuality as a preteen.

However, the film that really set both Vigneshwar and his film career journey off is his first film, To Dad, With Love, a film about a young woman’s journey in a new city and her documenting her memories to connect with her father. This touching piece is especially significant to Vigneshwar, because it was after his father’s passing and served as both inspiration on the human experience of life and death and a way to memorialize his father.

Vigneshwar’s films have not only gotten notoriety in California but around the world including at the Malibu Film Festival, Marina Del Rey Film Festival, Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival, Silicon Beach Film Festival, and Beverly Hills Film Festivals just to mention a few.

During his MFA in Film and TV Production at USC and producing and pitching a multitude of films from a variety of genres, he also worked for several Los Angeles based studios including Aggregate Entertainment, Mandalay Sports Media, and Rogue Initiative Studios.

His recent credits include working as a VFX Production Coordinator for ICVR on an episode for The Orville (Season 4) on Hulu. He also has a constant drive to learn and enthusiasm in the ever-evolving field of Virtual Production and the production of films in general.

With Covid lockdowns, the industry’s ways of producing content has significantly changed. Vigneshwar’s main focus as a producer now continues to be the safety of the crew members to be able to express themselves creatively on set. His main strengths include planning ahead and paying attention to detail which are naturally the essential qualities of a Producer.

He is currently a part of the producing team for an Epic Mega Grant Winning project titled Lightfall. On top of this, Vigneshwar has also been working on a Sci-Fi feature concept which is currently in development.

Through his many productions and extensive experience, he has not only shown that he is a visionary and storyteller, but also serves as an inspiration for artists from around the world. With his work, Vigneshwar hopes to collaborate, educate, and further inspire fellow artists and filmmakers from around the world.