Months after the Blue Whale challenge claimed lives of several teenagers across the globe, there is another ‘suicide’ game which is making its way to people’s mobile phones. The challenge is known as “The Momo Challenge”.

On Tuesday, a college girl filed a complaint with the police about an unknown caller who allegedly tried to incite her into participating in ‘Momo Game’ challenge, a new virtual suicide game.

The ‘Momo Game’ is said to be a successor of the notorious ‘Blue Whale Game’ and has made headway in several countries.

The first year college girl in her complaint said that she had posted that she wished to take her own life on the social media after a spat with her mother.

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She soon received a Whatsapp message over her mobile phone from an unknown number allegedly inviting her to take the Momo Game challenge. When she sought to know the sender’s identity, the person revealed it verbally, she claimed.

Scared over the situation, the girl claimed she had informed her elder brother, who warned her against participating in the game. She then informed the police.

An investigation has been launched, the police said.

Last week, the Mumbai Police had issued a warning on Twitter against the fatal game, which challenges young people to communicate with an unknown number.

They posted a picture of a plate full of momos with one of them having an eerie doll face, which represents the momo challenge.

They wrote, How about interacting with us on the widely know #Dial100 than on unknown numbers, to beat the challengers in their own game!

The ‘Momo Challenge’ reportedly has already claimed the life of a 12-year old girl in Argentina.

The challenge urges people to chat with strangers via an unknown number on Whatsapp. The user then is told to perform a series of extreme and dangerous tasks that are allegedly violent and may end up in suicides.

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