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West Bengal: Undertrial escapes from police custody, nabbed in filmy style

Dreaded criminal Karno Bera was being taken to court along with three others when two miscreants hurled bombs at police and fled with them; Bera, who has several cases including a constable’s murder pending against him, was nabbed following a filmy chase

Statesman News Service | Midnapore |

An undertrial prisoner who has been accused of several crimes, including the murder of a police constable two years ago, was rearrested after his fresh bid to flee from custody on Thursday. The Contai undertrial, Karno Bera, made the daring escape bid ahead of his hearing in the Contai additional chief judicial magistrate’s court.

The dreaded criminal was being taken to the court along with four others for a hearing around noon when two motorbikeborne miscreants suddenly hurled bombs and snatched them away from their escorts.

Karno also snatched away a firearm from a policeman and shot at the general register officer (GRO), Sushanta Rana, twice from a very close range as he tried to stop him, a senior police officer said. Rana received bullet injuries at his head and stomach while trying to stop the criminals.

Another officer, Akinchan Maity, also received bullet injury on his hand. The miscreants then threw crude bombs at the police and fled with Karno and three others.

According to court officials, the miscreants then hurled bombs to disperse the local people who tried to stop them, and they were able to escape the court premises.

They then tried to flee on a twowheeler parked outside the court, but luck was not with them today. They could not start the motorbike and they were forced to run from the scene.

Police personnel who were initially taken aback following the sudden attack, fanned out immediately in the Contai (Kanthi) town, confident that the miscreants would not be able to go far on foot. They also collected CCTV footage from different locations and identified the possible area where the criminals could have taken shelter.

According to eyewitnesses and local people, the two miscreants fired at two policemen from close range and fled with Karno and his gang members.

People started running helter and skelter as utter chaos prevailed in the area.

In Bollywood style, assistant sub-inspector of Contai police Prabir Saha and officerin-charge of Mahishadal police Partho Biswas entered the scene. A house was identified where Karno had taken shelter. The locals helped the police officers by cordoning off the house, but Karno continued firing at them. By then, a huge police force was called from the local Contai police station. When his bullets were exhausted, Karno tried to flee the house, but the two officers fired at his leg and finally nabbed him. He was taken to Contai police station amid high security. Later, two other gang members were also detained. The two miscreants who came to Karno’s help are still absconding.

Karno, a resident of Majilapur under Junput coastal police station limits, was last arrested on 13 May last year from his house. He fled from Contai correctional home on 2 May last year.

There are several criminal cases pending against him, including the murder of a police constable.