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Unsound man tries to deposit notes procured from shop in bank

PTI | Hyderabad |

A "mentally unsound" man, allegedly tried to deposit currency notes having face value of Rs.9.91 lakh that had "Children Bank of India" printed on them at a PSU Bank on Tuesday, police said.

Shaik Yousuf went to the bank in Malkajgiri area with the notes in denomination of Rs.2,000 and Rs.500 that had "Children Bank of India" written on them and allegedly tried to deposit them in his account, police said.

When the cashier noticed he informed senior officials of the bank, who in turn lodged a complaint with police.

Shaik had procured the notes from a stationary shop and took photocopies of the same and attempted to deposit them in his account, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Malkajgiri Division) G Sundeep told PTI.

Based on preliminary investigation, the ACP said Shaik seems to be a "mentally disturbed" person and he got the thought of depositing these notes (with a face value of Rs.9.91 lakh) through his "inner self".

Malkajigiri Police Station Inspector Janaki Reddy said following the complaint they registered a case under IPC sections 420 (cheating), 489 A (counterfeiting currency notes or bank notes) and 489 E (making or using documents resembling currency notes or bank notes) against case and took him into custody.