Some called him Rahul Gandhi’s successor while others mocked his command over English as former Bihar deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav became the butt of jokes on Twitter after he tweeted having dinner in the morning.

The RJD leader, who is in Aurangabad, tweeted at 5.30 am that he “just had dinner” and will be attending a public meeting in the morning.

While the leader must have meant that he had a late dinner upon his arrival in Aurangabad, Twitter trolls grabbed the opportunity with both hands to mock the young leader’s poor English and thus began a long trolling session.

Many drew parallels between him and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s — both of whom are seen as the flag bearers of dynastic politics.

In his first ever address to party members after being appointed Congress vice president back in 2013, Rahul Gandhi had said,”This morning I got up at night…” in between his speech. The video clipping went viral on social media and the trolls had a field day.

Tejashwi was also labelled as Rahul Gandhi’s successor and their Grand Alliance in Bihar was made fun of as well.

While some mocked Tejashwi’s low educational qualification.

The otherwise outspoken Tejashwi has chosen to remain silent on the matter but it won’t be surprising if the feisty leader takes on his detractors.