In a bid to fight the current crisis of Coronavirus-induced oxygen shortage, BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital on Sunday announced that it will install an oxygen generator and a high-pressure cylinder filling system that was donated by the France government.

The Oxygen Generator — manufactured by NOVAIR Medical — and cylinder filling system — manufactured by Oxyplus Technologies — has a total capacity of generating 22 cubic metres of oxygen every hour.

The hospital said that both the Oxygen Generator and the cylinder filling system have been donated to it by the government of France through its embassy in Delhi.

The consignment was directly flown in from France and reached Delhi on Sunday morning, the hospital informed. It will be installed and commissioned at the hospitals over the next 72 hours, it added.

“In these times of severe oxygen shortages the installation of this system will help BLK-Max hospital manage its oxygen requirements better and the system will be used a backup support to its normal oxygen supplies, which in recent times have been irregular and far less than needed,” the hospital said in a statement issued.

The installation of the systems will help BLK-Max hospital manage its oxygen requirements better, particularly in this time of severe oxygen shortages. The system will also be used as backup support to its normal oxygen supplies.

“We are thankful to the Government of France for providing us critical support at a time when India is facing the worst of the pandemic. This generous donation stands testimony of the Indo-France cooperation during this time of crisis,” said Dr Abhay Soi, Chairman and MD, Max Healthcare in a statement.