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Three years of Modi government a disaster in all spheres: CPI

IANS | New Delhi |

The CPI on Tuesday dubbed the three years of the Narendra Modi government as "disaster in all spheres", terming the regime a representation of corporate capital and the worst right-wing ideology.

"The Narendra Modi government that represents the interests of corporate capital, worst right wing ideology and brutal communal and casteist forces, completed three years of its existence. 

"Three years of this government proved to be three years of disaster in all spheres of life," the Communist Party of India (CPI) said in a statement. 

"This government has shamelessly pushed through its agenda of economic neo-liberalism, hastening the process of communal and caste polarisation for narrow electoral gains and missed no opportunity to denigrate the established secular democratic norms. It even tried to subvert the Constitution of India and its basic ethos," it said. 

The CPI also accused the BJP led dispensation of showering sops to corporate houses of nearly Rs.50 lakh crores. 

"The corporates have been favoured with different financial moves that benefited them with about Rs.50 lakh crores. In the garb of promoting 'Make in India", all sorts of concessions have been given to foreign investors as well," the party said. 

It said the economy was on decline with the industrial, service and other sectors in "shambles".

"The most disastrous move was demonetisation of the currency. Banks continue to be on the verge of bankruptcy. 

"Agriculture continues to be in the grip of worst crisis. Farmers continue to commit suicide. As for common people, they are really in distress. Prices of essential commodities are continuously rising, and essential services like education and public health are out of their reach," the party said. 

The CPI also claimed that educational institutions were being targeted for ideological reasons and syllabus being distorted. 

"There is attempt on re-writing the history and other sections of syllabus from the anti-national and unconstitutional angle of RSS, the chief patron of Modi government.

"The RSS has taken over directly the reins of the regime. Attacks are being allowed on minorities, Dalits and other weaker sections of the society in different garb," it said. 

The CPI also accused the government of having no regard for constitution and democratic norms. 

"It is destroying parliamentary democracy to promote its fascistic and authoritarian agenda," it said and blamed the government policies for the deteriorating situation in Kashmir.

"In totality, the completion of three years of the Modi regime has made it necessary for all those who cherish secular democracy, self-reliant economic development and the parliamentary democratic set-up to unite urgently to resist the fascistic onslaught and restrain the present regime from further damaging the country," the party added.