After the Ayodhya verdict was delivered by Supreme Court on Saturday, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation at 6pm today.

While addressing the nation, he recalled that November 9 is the day when the Wall of Berlin was demolished, bringing peace and harmony in Germany.

“The Supreme Court has given its verdict on a very important issue which has a history of hundreds of years. The whole nation wanted that a daily hearing should be done on the matter in the court, which happened and the verdict is out today,” said PM Modi.

He further said that, “The manner in which the people of different class, community, creed have accepted the decision of the Supreme Court, shows India’s ancient culture, traditions and harmony. This day is a golden chapter in the Indian judicial history. The Supreme Court had listened to all the parties with patience and gave a decision with consent of all”.

“The decision reflected a strong willpower of the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice as well as our judicial system deserve to be complimented,” said Prime Minister.

“With the decision on the Ayodhya dispute, the date November 9 also gives us the lesson to stay together with harmony and gives a message to collaborate and to live together with peace. In new India, there is no space for fear, hatred and negativity,” he added.

“The apex court’s decision will bring an new dawn for us. No matter what was the impact on the previous generations due to this dispute, but after this decision, we have to take the resolution that the new generation will work for the formation of a new India. Now, every Indian has to work for the development of the country by prioritizing their duties. Unity, harmony and peace among the citizen is very crucial for the development of the country,” Narendra Modi said.

In a landmark judgement, a five-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi ruled that the disputed 2.77-acre land will be taken over by a Government trust for the construction of the temple, while a suitable alternative plot of land measuring 5 acres at a prominent site in Ayodhya will be given to the Sunni Wakf Board.