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Swachh Mashaal March for garbage-free India across 3,000 cities

The rallies, over the past three days, witnessed lakhs of Swachhata women warriors scale up the fight against garbage.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |


Swachh Mashaal March rallies held across 3,000 plus cities and towns in the country over the past three days witnessed lakhs of Swachhata women warriors scale up the fight against garbage and make India Garbage Free.

From Kashmir’s Baramulla to Tiruvuru from Tamil Nadu, women change-makers demonstrated their commitment towards urban sanitation.

The journey of the women from all corners of the country in transforming the urban landscape has been inspirational. These marches were aimed at encouraging ward-level mobilization of citizens towards the goal of ‘Garbage Free Cities’.

The first Mashaal March began on the eve of International Day of Zero Waste. Citizens (especially women swachhata leaders aka ‘Swachhta Doots’) enthusiastically joined in to reinforce their commitment to building Garbage-Free Cities. People in large numbers were seen participating voluntarily and celebrating the spirit of swachhata in these rallies.

Premier swachhata champion cities such as Bhopal and Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh have seen women-led Swachh Mashaal March rallies involving participation from a large number of citizens at night as well as during the day time.

Women in Madhyamgram and Ghatal cities of West Bengal came forward to lead the Swachh Mashaal March on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami on 30th March.

The zeal and enthusiasm among people for Swachh Mashaal March was so intense that not only did they walk shoulder-to-shoulder in large numbers, but even evoked larger public participation and a triggered a sense of togetherness by doing Kirtan as part of the march like this particular procession in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura.

In the southern part of the country, cities and towns in Telangana were some of the keenest participants taking out Mashaal Marches in big numbers. Rallies have been held in Warangal, Yellandu, Kothur and many other cities too.

Additionally, all the participants of Swachh Mashaal March rallies also took a Swachhata pledge to always follow, impart, imbibe and spread the message carrying core values of sanitation.