PM reiterates threat to Ram temple from ‘prince’ of Congress

Speaking at a joint public meeting organised for the Basti, Dumariyaganj, and Sant Kabir Nagar Lok Sabha seats, Modi said the prince of Congress wants to send Ram Lalla back to the tent.

PM reiterates threat to Ram temple from ‘prince’ of Congress

Photo: PM Narendra Modi in Basti

Reiterating the threat to the Ram Temple from Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the “shehzada” (prince) of the grand old party wants to reverse the decision of the Supreme Court and hang ‘Babri lock’ on the newly-consecrated temple in Ayodhya.

The prime minister pointed out that the country waited for Ram Mandir for 500 years, but the people of INDI alliance have problems with the Shri Ram and his Mandir. “Big leaders of the SP call Ram temple is of no use and the devotees of Ram are hypocrites. These are the people who talk of destroying Sanatan Dharma. Congress is the mastermind behind this conspiracy whose “prince” wants to send Ram Lalla back to the tent,” he elaborated on his contention,

He said the vote should deal a severe blow to them.


Praising Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, PM Modi said he worked very hard to bring Uttar Pradesh out of the red.

Modi was addressing a joint public meeting organised for the Basti, Dumariyaganj, and Sant Kabir Nagar Lok Sabha seats at the Government Polytechnic College Ground here on Wednesday in the presence of the state chief minister.

He appealed to the public to vote in maximum numbers in favour of Lok Sabha candidates, Harish Dwivedi from Basti, party candidate Jagdambika Pal from Dumariyaganj, and Praveen Nishad from Sant Kabir Nagar.

PM Modi said he was surprised by the repeated release of flop films of both the princes of the SP and Congress. Taking a swipe at their claim of winning 79 seats of UP, he said they are daydreaming. The people of UP are going to wake them up from their slumber on June 4 when they would blame the EVMs.

The prime minister said the public has trusted “our work, our words, our promises, and intentions”. He assured the people that he too would leave no stone unturned in living up to this trust.

The PM said since the five phases of the Lok Sabha elections held so far confirmed that the Modi Government would get a third term, the entire INDI Alliance is in despair.

He told the public that not a single vote that goes to the SP and Congress is of any use. No sensible voter would want his vote to be wasted. Their vote should go to the one who has the guarantee to form the government.

He promised to do everything that benefits his electorate. The BJP is taking the country forward with the mantra of the nation from Ram, development from heritage, and modernity from spirituality.

The prime minister said today when India speaks on the global stage, the whole world listens with rapt attention. “When India makes decisions, the world tries to match its steps. The country that once used to intimidate us is nowhere now. They are not even getting food grains. But their sympathizers, the SP and Congress, are busy scaring India. They don’t have an idea what 56 inches could do. They say fear Pakistan because it has an atom bomb.”

The PM said, “Today, there is no weak Congress government in India but Modi’s strong government. If you want to be afraid, be afraid of those who do not believe in humanity and shed rivers of blood every day. India does not want to scare anyone but will not spare those who scare them, but kill them in their abode.”

He said the ‘INDI alliance’ has suddenly started remembering the Constitution. “The same Congress had tried its best to abolish the Constitution by imposing emergency in the country. This is the Congress that does not even accept its own party’s constitution. One evening, Madam Sonia ji’s gang entered the Congress office and locked Sitaram Kesari, a person belonging to a very backward community of Bihar, in the bathroom, and threw him on the footpath and the party made Sonia ji the president overnight. Those who tore the Congress Constitution to pieces are talking about the Constitution.”

The prime minister said the SP had only defamed UP. During its reign, it was difficult for sisters and daughters to leave the house. People were afraid of buying land. Mafia used to capture some land or the other. Goons were guests of the mafia SP. Rioters used to get special protocols. Special orders were issued to release terrorists from jail.

“People should not make any mistake that could boost their (Opposition’s) morale again because these people had brought UP into the trough. Yogi ji and his government had to use a lot of force to get him out of it,” he said.

He appealed to the people to ensure that every vote on May 25 buries the politics of appeasement in the graveyard.

Modi said this is the area of a big pilgrimage that comes under the Ram Circuit. Various works have been done to rejuvenate the ashrams of Maharishi Vashishtha and Shringi Rishi. But these works are mere trailers as many big tasks are ahead.

Union Minister Anupriya Patel, State Government Minister Sanjay Nishad, Om Prakash Rajbhar, Harish Dwivedi, Jagdambika Pal, Praveen Nishad, and other dignitaries were present at the public meeting.