PM Modi should follow Constitution, says Manish Sisodia

After the hearing, he responded to the questions of media and said the constitution was insulted. PM Modi should follow the Constitution.

PM Modi should follow Constitution, says Manish Sisodia

Delhi's former Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia (Photo: ANI)

Delhi’s former Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Friday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should follow the Constitution. He was responding to the questions of media in Rouse Avenue on the Supreme Court judgement on the power of the Delhi Government.

The Rouse Avenue Court on Friday extended the judicial custody of Manis Sisodia till June 2. The court has also kept the CBI charge sheet for consideration on the next date. The court has also extended the judicial custody of Amdandeep Dhall. The Delhi High court on Thursday reserved the order on the bail plea of Manish Sisodia in the CBI case.

Manish Sisodia was produced before special CBI Judge MK Nagpal in Liquor policy Sisodia was allowed to have a meeting with his counsel Irshad Khan.
After the hearing, he responded to the questions of media and said the constitution was insulted. PM Modi should follow the Constitution.


On the last date, Special Judge MK Nagpal while extending the Judicial Custody also directed CBI to supply an e-copy of the supplementary chargesheet filed by it on April 25, 2023, in the light of the Supreme Court passed by it yesterday.

Advocate Rishikesh appeared for Manish Sisodia had argued that on grounds of an incomplete chargesheet/incomplete investigation, we have a right to statutory/default bail, as per SC order. Prima facie it seems the agency is saying that further investigation regarding me is required/pending. Therefore, we reserve the right to file an application for statutory bail.

Court had asked the CBI why they have not mentioned that investigation qua Sisodia has been completed. You say you have filed a supplementary chargesheet (in the stipulated time), but you have said the investigation is pending in the case. Why have you not mentioned that the chargesheet is filed on completion of the investigation against Sisodia?

Court had said, Sisodia’s counsel’s submission noted that a copy of the chargesheet is required by them to see whether the investigation of Sisodia is complete. The court states that though this is not the stage to supply a copy of the chargesheet, an e-copy of the same is directed to be submitted to him.
Court further noted that the bail hearing in the CBI case is going on in Delhi HC, and aspects from this could be used in order to press for bail before High Court.

Court further added that Sisodia’s right to argue default bail was reserved. He can argue the same before Delhi HC. In order to argue default bail in HC, Sisodia’s counsels sought supply of copy of chargesheet.

Court has allowed a copy of the chargesheet to be supplied by CBI to Sisodia.
Sisodia was produced physically before the Court on Monday from Tihar, after the end of his Judicial custody period.

Earlier, Special Judge MK Nagpal had denied bail to Manish Sisodia the allegations made against Manish Sisodia are serious in nature and at this stage of the case, he does not deserve to be released on bail as he has been arrested in this case only on 26.02.2023 and investigation even qua his role has still not been completed, what to say about some other co-accused involved in the case whose roles are also yet being investigated.

Further, the applicant/Manish Sisodia does not even satisfy the triple test keeping in view his conduct as reflected from the destruction or non-production of his previous mobile phones of the relevant period and also the apparent role played by him in not producing or missing of the file of one Cabinet Note put up through the then Excise Commissioner Rahul Singh, there may be serious apprehensions of destruction or tampering of some further evidence and even of influencing of some prime witnesses of this case by him or at his instance, in case he is released on bail by the court.

According to the CBI, Sisodia had played the most important and vital role in the criminal conspiracy and he had been deeply involved in the formulation as well as the implementation of the said policy to ensure achievement of objectives of the said conspiracy.

The payment of advance kickbacks of around Rs. 90-100 crores was meant for him and his other colleagues in the GNCTD and Rs. 20-30 crores out of the above are found to have been routed through the co-accused Vijay Nair, Abhishek Boinpally and approver Dinesh Arora and in turn, certain provisions of the excise policy were permitted to be tweaked and manipulated by the applicant to protect and preserve the interests of South liquor lobby and to ensure repayment of the kickbacks to the said lobby, noted the court.

The evidence collected so far clearly shows that the applicant through the co-accused Vijay Nair was in contact with the South lobby and formulation of a favourable policy for them was being ensured at every cost and a cartel was permitted to be formed to achieve monopoly in sale of certain liquor brands of favoured manufacturers and it was permitted to be done against very objectives of the policy.

Thus, as per allegations made by the prosecution and the evidence collected in support thereof so far, the applicant can prima facie be held to be the architect of the said criminal conspiracy, noted the Court Sisodia, in his bail petition in a trial court had stated that no fruitful purpose would be served to keep him in custody as all the recoveries in the case have already been made.
Sisodia also stated that he joined the investigation as and when called for by the CBI. The other accused persons arrested in this case have already been granted bail, Sisodia noted further, adding that he held the important constitutional post of deputy CM of Delhi and has deep roots in the society.

Earlier, the Rouse Avenue Court, while sending Sisodia to CBI remand, directed that the interrogation of the accused during the remand period shall be conducted at some place having CCTV coverage, in accordance with guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court and the said footage shall be preserved by the CBI.

Sisodia was arrested by CBI and ED in an ongoing investigation of a case related to alleged irregularities in the framing and implementation of the excise policy of the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.