People of PoK also have faith in ‘Modi Ki Guarantee’: CM Yogi

Yogi noted that while the whole country supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the wave in his favour has turned into a tsunami.

People of PoK also have faith in ‘Modi Ki Guarantee’: CM Yogi

Photo: UP CM Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday said there is a clamour for integrating with India among the populace of the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), citing faith in Modi’s guarantee, not only within the country, but across the borders.

Addressing a public meeting in Banda, to seek support for Lok Sabha candidate RK Singh Patel, CM Yogi stated, “Free rations are being provided to 80 crore underprivileged individuals nationwide today under the leadership of PM Modi whereas, according to a newspaper report, violent clashes and riots were witnessed in Pakistan over a mere kilogram of flour.

In a vehement assault on the opposition, he remarked, “Those who sing paeans to Pakistan on Indian soil, impeding country’s development and burdening its resources, should rather relocate there, beg and starve to death.”


Yogi noted that while the whole country supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the wave in his favour has turned into a tsunami, there is a negligible minority of ‘Ramdrohi’ and ‘Pakistan sympathizers’ who envy his achievements.

CM Yogi remarked: “A new, revitalized Bundelkhand has emerged in new Uttar Pradesh of new India. The Samajwadi Party gave pistols to the youth while our government has distributed tablets to them. The youths of UP are becoming smart, playing their role in the Defence Corridor.”

Adityanath highlighted significant infrastructure developments, such as the Bundelkhand Expressway, which symbolize a departure from historical neglect and exploitation by prior administrations, redirecting the region towards prosperity.

He underscored the government’s commitment to fulfilling Bundelkhand’s developmental aspirations, drawing inspiration from its historical significance as the sanctuary for Lord Shri Ram during adversity.

“Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, welfare schemes are implemented without prejudice, ensuring inclusive benefits for all citizens whereas during the rule of Congress, SP, and BSP, the marginalised suffered neglect and were exploited”, Yogi asserted.

He accused then opposition of harboring ill intentions towards national interests, citing their opposition to the Ram Temple and purported discriminatory promises in their manifesto, including reallocating reservations and offering concessions to minorities, including relaxation in dietary norms. Adityanath pledged to safeguard reservations and traditional values, particularly emphasizing reverence for the cow as a central aspect of Indian culture.

Continuing his criticism, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said, “Rahul Gandhi says that he will eradicate poverty in one stroke after assuming power. But, he intends to grab people’s ancestral properties by conducting a survey.”

Adityanath cautioned against such propositions and urged vigilance towards these individuals. He described the ongoing election as a fight between ‘Rambhakt’ and ‘Ramdrohi’, stressing the gravity of voters’ decisions.

Adityanath warned that a misstep in voting could result in dire consequences, such as cow slaughter and exacerbating caste and class conflicts, with repercussions for future generations. He underscored the nation’s rapid progress and Bundelkhand, likening it to the speed of a bullet train, and urged voters to sustain this momentum by casting their votes for the ‘lotus’ symbol.

CM Yogi remarked, “Those who made Bundelkhand yearn for drinking water, now the time has come to make them yearn for a single vote.”