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Pakistan plane crash survivor has relation with Bollywood blockbuster Pakeezah

His miraculous survival has brought smiles on the faces of his relatives in Amroha city to which he originally belongs.

Swati Sharma | Meerut |

The relatives of Pakistan’s top banker Zafar Masud who luckily survived the Karachi plane crash on Friday in Amroha of western UP are relieved to know about his well being. Masud belongs to the family of famous Bollywood director of yesteryears Kamaal Amrohi.

Zafar Masud is one amongst the lucky two survivors of Pak Airlines plane crash on Friday. His miraculous survival has brought smiles on the faces of his relatives in Amroha city to which he originally belongs. Masud is the grandson of the cousin of legendary Bollywood director Kamaal Amrohi. Masud’s maternal grandparents had migrated to Pakistan post-partition of the country in 1952.

Adil Zafar, a relative of Masud in Amroha said that he is short of words to thank Allah who was kind enough on Masud. “His survival is like a gift of God for the family,” he said adding that he had spoken to Masud’s family at least three times since they came to know about the crash.

“Initially, the news of the plane crash in which Masud was travelling shook all of us, but when the news of his well being came to us we could not express our happiness. It is a gift of Allah to all in the family at the time of Eid and we are thanking the almighty for his kindness,” he added.

“His condition is stable and he had a fracture on his elbow. He is still under treatment at the hospital,” said Adil who also shared a picture of Masud as sent by his family members from Karachi.

Adil, who is a documentary filmmaker,  had visited Masud’s family in Karachi in 2012, 2014 and 2015. Masud’s mother Shahnaz Saeed had also come to Amroha in 2014 and stayed for a month here. Shahnaz is the daughter of Taqi Amrohi, first cousin of Kamaal Amrohi.

Sharing the family history Adil said that Kamaal Amrohi’s first two cousins, Raees Amrohi and Taqi Amrohi, migrated to Pakistan in 1952. Taqi was the Chief Editor of Pakistan’s leading Urdu daily ‘Jung’ . His daughter Sehnaz Saeed was married to Munawwar Saeed, a popular TV artist of Pakistan and father of Zafar Masud.

Kamaal Amrohi’s daughter Rukhsaar and son Tajdar Amrohi, however,  moved to Mumbai and now a caretaker takes care of their ‘Haveli’ in Amroha.

Masud’s family had shifted to Pakistan in 1952 from Amroha and settled in Karachi. But even the borders could not affect the bonding between the family members in India and Pakistan. They used to visit each other from time to time but after 2015 it was stopped in view of the tension build up between the countries, said Zafar.

The families are the descendants of saint Syed Hussain Sarfuddin Shah Vilayat whose ‘Dargah’ is situated in Amroha.