After a long duration of hike in the price of onion in Delhi, the wholesale price is expected to witness a dip as on Monday after an increase in local produce arrivals as well as sourced from the overseas.

“Around 24,000 bags of onion, each containing 55 kg of the crop, arrived at the Azadpur Mandi that brought down the prices as compared to the previous week,” Rajendra Sharma, President Onion Merchant Association told IANS.

It is to be noted that the Azadpur Mandi is the biggest vegetable market in the country.

Sharma also told that around 200 tonnes of imported onion also arrived at the Mandi on Monday.

According to IANS source, the wholesale price of onions was quoted in between Rs 50 to 75 per kg on Monday which is down by Rs 5 per kg, which is less as compared to the previous week. In Azadpur Mandi, onion from Afghanistan and Turkey arrived on Monday.

“Over 80 trucks of onion came from Afghanistan in the past two days. A large quantity of Afghani onion is being supplied in the border state of Punjab,” the source told.

The price of onion has been on high crossing Rs 100 mark, triggering widespread protests in the country.