Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday virtually addressed the SCO summit and said that it is necessary to go ahead with the basic principles of respect for each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“India believes that to further deepen connectivity, it is necessary to go ahead with the basic principles of respect for each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” PM said.

“It is unfortunate that repeated attempts are being made to unnecessarily bring bilateral issues to the SCO agenda, which violate the SCO Charter and Shanghai Spirit. Such efforts are contrary to the spirit of consensus and cooperation that defines SCO,” he said.

Recalling the strong ties with the SCO nations, PM said, “India has close, cultural and historical connections with the SCO region. Our ancestors kept this shared heritage alive with their tireless and constant contacts.”

“The United Nations has completed its 75 years. But despite many successes, the basic goal of the United Nations is still incomplete. The world struggling with the economic and social suffering of the epidemic is expected to bring about a complete change in the system of the UN,” PM Modi said.

“In this very difficult time of the unprecedented epidemic, India’s pharma industry has sent essential medicines to more than 150 countries. As the world’s largest vaccine producing country, India will use its vaccine production and distribution capacity to help the entire humanity in fighting this crisis,” he added.

At the summit, the primer of China and Pakistan were also present.

This is the first time that both the leaders of India and China were sharing the stage as the countries have locked horns since June due to conflict at eastern Ladakh region.

Later, PM Modi will also share a virtual platform with the Chinese President on November 17 for the BRICS meeting and on November 21-22 for the G-20 summit.

Last time the two countries were in a tussle over Doklam border stand-off which was resolved just ahead of the BRICS summit in September 2017 in Xiamen.

The Chumar border stand-off in September 2014 was also resolved after Modi raised the issue with the visiting Chinese President in Ahmedabad.

But this time the issues doesn’t seem to be resolved easily as the officials from both the sides have met 8 times and ended up with no result.