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We must be proud of our heritage, Rahul Gandhi tells youths

IANS | Shillong |

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday asked the Indian youth to be proud of their heritage, languages, and religions, and vowed to defend the culture and way of thinking of the people in Meghalaya.

“My message to all young people is — be proud of your heritage, languages, and religions. We are all proud of you. We stand by you and we will defend your culture and your way of thinking,” Gandhi said at a music concert here.

Five musical bands, including Shillong-based Soulmates, performed at the concert entitled “Celebrate Peace and Way of Life”, a celebration of Meghalaya’s music, culture and way of life.

“India’s strength lies in diverse culture, different languages, different ways of thinking. We are the strongest when all of us stand together in our diversity,” he added.

Noting that every single state, including Meghalaya, has place in the Union of India, Gandhi said: “Their dreams and aspirations are equally important. It does not matter how small the (Indian) state is. Every single Indian’s aspirations and dreams should be equally important.”

Praising the holding of the event since it connected people, particularly the youth, the Congress leader said that it was important that all Indians realised that the country was strong when we loved and respected each other.

“When we find fault and spread hatred, we are weakening our country and disrespecting our people.”

Promising the crowd that he would again visit Meghalaya, the Congress chief said: “My visit is not for a day, but an extended one wherein I will travel around the state and talk to youngsters, listen to their issues and try to understand what their dreams and aspirations are. I will definitely be back here very soon.”