People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President and former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday said that Prime Minister Modi, with a strong mandate, had a great opportunity to move decisively forward on the resolution of Kashmir issue and that he squandered that opportunity.

Referring to the statement of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding better possibilities of resumption of meaningful engagement between India and Pakistan if Modi were to retain power at the center, Mehbooba said that it was an endorsement of the belief of Mufti Muhammad Sayeed on this issue.

“Today Imran Khan Sahab says that if Modi retains power at the center, it is more likely to result in fruitful engagement between India and Pakistan. It is essentially an endorsement of the belief of Mufti Sahab that guided our party’s engagement with BJP in alliance in the state.

Mufti Sayeed believed that PM Modi, with a strong mandate and support of RSS and other such right-wing organizations, is better placed to take bold and positive decisions viz a viz engagement with Pakistan and he wanted to make  Jammu and Kashmir a bridge for such a coming together of two countries. Today, even Imran Khan is saying the same thing. Though PM Modi wasted that historical opportunity, Mehbooba said.

Mehooba, while addressing a worker’s convention in Anantnag of South Kashmir, asserted that the vision and roadmap of dialogue and reconciliation created by Mufti Muhammad Sayeed is the only pragmatic way to deal with the vexed issue of Kashmir and get the people of the state out of the morass.

Speaking on the occasion, senior PDP leader Mehboob Beg termed the current elections a crucial challenge for the people of the state wherein they have to rise in unison to support of PDP and its leadership in order to safeguard the very identity of the state.