Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday invoked Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, apart from Mahatma Gandhi, while asserting that each Indian had a role to play in the making of a new India by 2022.

“We are rich inheritors of the historical legacy (ranging) from Sudarshan-dhari Krishna to ‘charkhdhari’ Mohan (Mahatma Gandhi),” he said in his Independence Day speech from the Red Fort ramparts here.

Pointing out that there was strength in collective effort, Modi said Lord Krishna lifted the Goverdhan mountain when cowherds stood by him, adding that the Ram Setu was also built by Lord Rama’s army of monkeys.

“The country got independence due to collective effort. Nobody is small and big. We know the tale of the squirrel who became an agent of change (by helping to build Ram Setu). There is no one big or small among our 125 crore Indians.”

Modi also referred to Tuesday’s Janamashtmi festival at the beginning of his speech and said there were children in the audience who were wearing dresses similar to those worn by Lord Krishna as a child.

Referring to the Mahabharata, Modi talked about the doubts in the mind of Arjuna in the Kurukshetra battlefield.

“Arjuna put many questions to Lord Krishna. The Lord told him that results are achieved according to the inner thoughts.”

Modi recited a Sanskrit ‘shloka’ to say that if a work is not completed in time, the desired results cannot be achieved.

“If every task is done with devotion for the glory of ‘Mother India’, the result is much more powerful.”