Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday appealed to citizens to buy local products this festive season and go ‘local for Diwali.’

In a video, shared by Prime Minister Modi on his social media platform, and said that it would not only ‘help the local artisans and people’ but also boost the economy.

He said, “Diwali is approaching. Inspired by the festive spirit, let us spread brightness, happiness and prosperity. Support Indian talent! #Local4Diwali

PM Modi said, “You are seeing today that along with vocal for local, the mantra of local for Diwali is resonating everywhere.”

“Not only local identity will be strengthened, the people who make these local products, their Diwali will also brighten up more,” he said.

The video clip showed a few television personalities who bought and endorsed local products and citizens buying local products and promoting the government’s initiative of being ‘local for vocal.’

The government’s initiatives ‘Local for Vocal’ and ‘local for Diwali’ are in a bid to boost the economy and encourage people to buy local products. The idea behind this campaign is for people to buy and promote local products and upload them on social media with #vocalfordiwali’ and help these people.

In the video, it was seen that the people had bought things from stores in their cities, in a bid to help the local business to grow.