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Kathua rape-murder case: Main accused Sanji Ram planned murder to save son

SNS | New Delhi |

The brutal rape and murder case of an eight-year-old in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, led to a nationwide outrage and condemnation of the heinous crimes.

The details regarding how the crime was planned and executed continue to shock people. In the latest revelation, it was reported that Sanji Ram, one of the main accused in the case, decided to get the girl killed because his son was also involved in the sexual assault.

According to the media reports, police investigating the case have said that Sanji Ram told them during interrogation that he learnt about the rape four days after her abduction, and decided to have her killed because his son was also involved in the sexual assault.

The investigators say the girl, who was kidnapped on January 10, was first raped the same day by Ram’s nephew, a juvenile, and was killed on January 14.

Along with the juvenile, Ram and his son Vishal, five others have been charged in the case.

Sanjhi Ram claims he found out about the sexual assault only on January 13 when the nephew confessed to him, according to the investigators. It was then that Ram decided “that time was ripe to kill the girl so as to achieve the ultimate goal” of scaring away the nomads, according to the chargesheet filed in the case.

Sanji Ram admitted this in front of the investigators that after knowing that his son had also raped the abducted nomad girl, he decided that she should be murdered, to protect his son.

Two policemen, a sub-inspector and a head constable, also charged as accused by the Crime Branch, had been paid Rs 4 lakh by Sanji Ram to destroy crucial evidence in the horrendous crime.

The revelations made by the mastermind also confirmed that the drug used to sedate the victim was a cannabis extract.

(With inputs from agencies)