Kashi is seen as model of heritage and development, PM visits his Constituency

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said Kashi is being seen as a model of heritage and development and the whole world is watching how modernity develops around traditions and spirituality.

Kashi is seen as model of heritage and development, PM visits his Constituency

PM Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath (Photo:SNS)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said Kashi is being seen as a model of heritage and development and the whole world is watching how modernity develops around traditions and spirituality.

The Prime Minister said, ”Today the whole world is watching how modernity develops around traditions and spirituality. Ayodhya is also flourishing in the same way after Ram Lalla is installed in his grand temple. Places associated with Lord Buddha in the country are also being connected with modern facilities. A lot of work is being done in the country today. In the next five years, the country will give a new pace to development with this confidence. Will create new patterns of success. This is Modi’s guarantee.”

He added that Modi’s Guarantees’ are assurances that would be fulfilled and that work for those who do not have anything.


He said Kashi was not just a pilgrimage of faith, but the awakened centre of India’s eternal consciousness.
“There was a time when the story of India’s prosperity was heard all over the world. Behind this was not only India’s economic strength, but also our cultural and social power. Pilgrimage places like Kashi and temples like Baba Vishwanath Dham used to be the sacrificial places for the progress of the nation. Sadhana and debates took place here. There were dialogues and research.

Addressing the award ceremony of the Sansad Sanskrit Competition organised at the Swatantrata Bhawan Samagar of Kashi Hindu University (BHU), the PM said India is a land of unity in diversity and Sanskrit is its main fertilizer.

”India is an idea, Sanskrit is its main expression. If India is a journey then Sanskrit is the main chapter of that historical journey.

“At one time in our country, Sanskrit was the language of scientific research, mathematics and medical science. Besides, various art forms of music and literature also originated from Sanskrit. India has gained recognition through these genres. The same Vedas which are recited in Kashi, are also heard in Kanchi (Tamil Nadu). These Vedas are the eternal voice of India, which have kept India united as a nation for thousands of years,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi reached his Parliamentary constituency Varanasi late Thursday night on a two-day visit.

On Friday morning, he reached the function organised at the BHU. In his address, he said that coming among all the scholars, especially the young scholars, in this courtyard of Mahamana, it feels like taking a dip in the Ganga of knowledge.

”Kashi is said to be older than time. Our modern young generation is empowering its identity with such responsibility, this scene fills the heart with satisfaction and gives confidence that in the Amrit Kaal, you all will take the country to new heights,” he said.

The Prime Minister said he got the opportunity to give awards to the winners of Kashi Sansad Sanskrit Competition, Sansad Knowledge Competition and Sansad Photography Competition. He congratulated all the winners for their hard work and talent.

PM Modi thanked Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple Trust, Kashi Vidvat Parishad and all the scholars for this event. He said they all have played a big role in realizing his vision as MP of Kashi.

The Prime Minister said an unprecedented development has taken place in Kashi in the past 10 years.

Two booklets were released in which every stage of development and culture that took place in Varanasi has been described. Apart from this, small booklets were released on all the MP competitions that have been organised in Kashi.

The Prime Minister said that ”Whatever is happening in Kashi, we all are just its instruments. The only people who do it here are Mahadev and his group”.
He said in Bhojpuri, “Wherever there is the grace of Mahadev, the earth becomes prosperous.”

Prime Minister Modi said,” Mahadev is very happy at this time, hence it is blessed. There will be a wave of development all around Kashi in 10 years.” He said today once again, projects worth crores of rupees would be inaugurated and foundation stone laid in Kashi. ”Before Shivratri and Rangbhari Ekadashi, the festival of development is going to be celebrated in Kashi today,” he stated.

”All the new ideas and sciences that India has given to the world, have been related to some or the other cultural centre of the country. While on one hand Kashi, the city of Shiva, and on the other hand, it is also the land of Buddha’s teachings. Kashi is the land of Jain Tirthankaras, and Adi Shankaracharya also attained enlightenment from here. People from every corner of the world come to Kashi in search of knowledge and peace. People from every province, dialect, language and custom have been coming to Kashi. Where there is so much diversity, new ideas are born. Where new ideas flourish, the possibility of progress arises,” he said .

The Prime Minister said at the time of inauguration of Vishwanath Dham, he had said that this Dham will give a decisive direction to India and take the country towards a bright future. ”This is visible today. Vishwanath Dham in its grand form is again returning to the national role to take India towards a decisive future. Seminars of scholars from all over the country are being held in Vishwanath Dham. The temple trust is reviving the tradition of Shastrartha. Due to this, the exchange of ideas among scholars across the country is increasing,” he added.

Modi said new research was being done for modern science by the scholars and academic council of Kashi. ”Soon the temple trust is also going to arrange free food at many places in the city. The temple will ensure that no one remains hungry in the city of Mother Annapurna.

”How centres of faith can become centres of energy for social and national resolutions, ‘Nai Kashi’ has emerged as an inspiration for the new India. The youth coming out from here will become the flag bearers of Indian knowledge, tradition and culture all over the world. This land of Baba Vishwanath is becoming a witness to the resolution of world welfare,” he stated.

The Prime Minister said Kashi is going to improve further. ”Roads will be built here, bridges will also be built, but I have to groom every person and every heart here by becoming a servant and companion.”

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, BJP State President Chaudhary Bhupendra Singh and Kashi Vishwanath Trust Council Chairman Prof Nagendra Pandey among others were present in the programme.