Kerala State Director General of Police (DGP) Loknath Behera, on Tuesday, while addressing the media queries on the recent reports about the suspected ISIS movement along the Kerala Coast, said that the state’s coast is fully covered and all the security agencies and other concerned bodies are on full alert. He assured the people that full safety measures are in place.

He added that the intelligence, coastal security, local police, and Quick Reaction Team (QRT) have been alerted about any possible threat from the terror group.

“Kerala’s coast is fully covered. It’s always better to be alert rather than complacent. Intelligence, coastal security, local police, and QRT have been alerted. We’re ready, people should not feel insecure,” ANI quoted Kerala DGP Loknath Behera as saying.

Kerala’s coastal areas were put on a high alert on Sunday after intelligence reports said that terrorists affiliated to the Islamic State (ISIS) were on their way to Lakshadweep in boats from Sri Lanka.

The alert was issued on May 23 to all coastal police stations and police chiefs. Police and Coast Guard have beefed up security along the coast.

According to reports, about 15 ISIS terrorists are believed to have embarked on boats bound for the islands in the Arabian Sea. Though alerts are usual practice, there is specific information about the number of terrorists, added the reports.

“We have been on alert since the Sri Lankan attack. We have alerted fishing vessel owners and others venturing into the sea to be cautious,” a coastal police department official told PTI.

Kerala has been on high alert since the April 21 serial bomb blasts in Sri Lanka. The ISIS had claimed responsibility for the incident and NIA investigations had revealed that ISIS operatives had planned attacks in the state.