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Is Digvijaya Singh surviving on controversial remarks?

SNS | New Delhi |


Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh is known for his foot-in-mouth moments and remarks that have often landed him in controversies. Many a times, he had to either clarify those statements or retract them. He triggered a fresh controversy on Monday when he posted series of tweets on the Telengana Police, saying the state police were encouraging Muslim youth to join the Islamic State. He alleged that the state police had set up a bogus ISIS site and were posting inflammatory information to trap young Muslim men.

One of the tweets read: "Telangana Police has set up a bogus ISIS site which is radicalising Muslim Youths and encouraging them to become ISIS Modules".

With this remark grabbing media attention, the Congress leader is back in the limelight.

While the news has gone viral, readers may recall his earlier remarks that put him in a spot. Here are five other controversial remarks made by him earlier that sparked off quite a row and made headlines.

A 100 per cent tunch maal: During a meeting in Madhya Pradesh on 26 July 2013, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh called his fellow party leader Meenakshi Natarajan 'a 100 per cent tunch maal' (100 per cent sexy woman)'. He also said that he knew this because he is an experienced jeweller. The BJP had that time attacked him and asked the party to send him to some mental institution.

Arvind Kejriwal is like Rakhi Sawant: Digvijaya Singh on 12 November 2012 compared Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal with Bollywood's item girl Rakhi Sawant, saying that they both try and expose but with no substance. "Arvind Kejriwal is like Rakhi Sawant. They both try and expose but with no substance," he had tweeted. Singh also sought an apology from Rakhi Sawant for making the comparison.

RSS making bomb factories: The Congress leader on 18 July 2011 alleged that the RSS was spreading terrorism in the country and it has been making bomb factories. Singh said that he had always maintained that the RSS was spreading terrorism, but reiterated that he had no proof of the involvement of the RSS in the latest Mumbai serial blasts. The statement had created controversy in the BJP circle then. 

Supreme Court should give verdicts, no observations: The Congress leader on 14 May 2013 gave the controversial statement on the Supreme Court for its observations on the lack of autonomy in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) setting up a confrontation between the ruling side and the judiciary. The controversial statement landed him in trouble.

Sea burial of Osama Bin Laden? The senior Congress leader questioned Osama Bin Laden's burial at sea, saying however big a terrorist one may be, he should have been buried as per religious rituals. "I am not talking just about Osama. All I am asking is whether burying him at sea is Islamic. We did not do it to those involved in 26/11. It is very good for the world that he is killed. All I am saying is even the worst of criminals have to be buried/cremated as per their faith," he had said it on 3 May 2011.