Having itself failed to implement the basic condition of withdrawing Pakistani troops and its nationals from the occupied Kashmir as laid by the UNSC (United Nations Security Council), Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has come under criticism for giving sermons to India for resolving the “Kashmir dispute” in accordance with the UNSC’s resolution.

Imran Khan’s advice to India came on Monday via his tweet a day after seven civilians were killed in an explosion in Kulgam when they rushed into an encounter spot even before the security forces had cleared it of explosives.

Imran Khan, in his tweet, interfered in the internal affairs of India by condemning the “new cycle of killing of innocent Kashmiris.”

“It is time India realised it must move to resolve the Kashmir dispute through dialogue in accordance with the UNSC resolutions & wishes of the Kashmiri people,” he said.

Imran Khan’s tweet has come on the day when 71 years ago, on October 22, 1947, Pakistan’s Pashtun tribal militias and irregular Pakistani forces crossed into Jammu and Kashmir to take control of Srinagar.

Reacting to the tweet, Dr Shabir Choudhary, a researcher who has been hounded out of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) for raising his voice against Pakistan’s atrocities in the occupied areas, questioned Imran Khan whether his government was ready to withdraw troops out of Gilgit-Baltistan and POK as demanded by the UN Resolution of August 13, 1948.

In a hard-hitting post, Choudhary said that if the PM of Pakistan says no to withdrawing his troops from POK as per the UNSC Resolution then “why you fool people of Pakistan and J&K?”

Countering Imran Khan on the atrocities that have been committed by the Pakistani army in Balochistan, Choudhary in his tweet asked the Pakistan PM, “What is your opinion on killings of Baloch people in Balochistan by Pak Army?”

Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was quick in appreciating Imran Khan’s tweet.

A historian and former bureaucrat, KB Jandial, rejected Imran Khan’s advice and said that Pakistan has no locus-standi on the Kashmir issue as it was an aggressor. Moreover, Pakistan has gone against the UNSC Resolution by gifting certain areas of POK to China and also not moving out of the POK.