Prime Minister Narendra Modi, reacting to Saturday’s mega Opposition rally in Kolkata, termed it anti-people, saying the Opposition alliance was not against him, but against the people of India.

He was addressing a rally in the Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli on the sidelines of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2019 on Saturday.

Drawing a comparison, he said the previous government was only able to build 25 lakh houses in five years whereas his government had built around 1.25 crore houses in the last five years.

Talking about the Opposition rally, he said, “My actions against corruption have infuriated some people. It’s but natural for them to get angry as I’ve prevented them from looting public money. Consequently, they have now formed an alliance called Mahagathbandhan.”

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“They have not even properly united together, but have already started bargaining for their share (of seats). They are seeking support to save themselves, but I want your support to take the country forward,” he said, adding that his campaign against corruption had angered many people.

He said since he prevented “them” from looting the public money, the opposition formed the Mahagathbandhan for the upcoming general elections.

“Those who crushed democracy in their own state are now preaching about saving the democracy. It’s truly ironical,” said Modi in a veiled attack on Mamata Banerjee.

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Modi said the main difference between the opposition and him was that they were trying to save themselves while he was working in the interest of the country.

“A one-MLA party (in Bengal) is giving them such sleepless nights that though it is only one MLA… they are shouting bachao bachao (save us, save us),” he said.