As Gujarat’s job quota agitation leader Hardik Patel’s indefinite fast entered its tenth day, the 25-year-old has made public his ‘will’ and also pledged to donate his eyes in the event of his death.

Hardik, who had catapulted to instant fame in August 2015 with a massive rally to demand reservations in jobs and educational institutions for Patels, has said in his ‘will’ that his property and money should be divided among his parents, sister and families of the 14 youths killed during Patel’s agitation.

One portion of Hardik’s property has also been set aside for a cow shelter near his native village.

He has been sitting on an indefinite fast since 25 August at his residence in Gandhinagar after the quota agitation leader was denied permission for it at many other sites.

As per the ‘will’, Hardik has Rs 50,000 in his bank account, of which Rs 20,000 will go to his parents and the rest to the cow shelter.

Royalties from the book on his life ‘Who Took My Job’, currently under publication, as well as insurance money and the proceeds from sale of a car owned by him shall be divided among his parents, his sister and family members of the 14 Patel youths who were killed during the agitation demanding reservations in government jobs and educational institutions, said a source in Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) which spearheaded the stir since 2015.

Preparing the ‘will’ was necessary as Hardik’s health is deteriorating fast since he stopped drinking water three days back, said PAAS spokesman Manoj Panara.

A government doctor who examined Hardik has recommended that the Patel quota stir leader should be admitted to a hospital, but he has refused to budge.