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Govt intervention in educational policy should be ‘minimal’; NEP ‘belongs to everyone’: PM Modi

‘The policy will give a new direction to social and economic life of 21st century India,’ PM said.

SNS | New Delhi |


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday at the inaugural session of the Governors’ Conference on the National Education Policy said the government should have minimal intervention in educational policy as it “belongs to everyone”.

“Education policy and education system are important means of fulfilling the aspirations of the country. Centre, state government, local bodies, all are attached to the responsibility of education system. But it is also true that the government, its interference in education policy, its impact, should be minimal,” he said.

“As foreign policy, defence policy are of the country, not govt, so is education policy. It belongs to everyone,” he added.

“Work on National Education Policy had started over 4-5 years ago. Millions of people – both rural, urban and people associated to the education sector had given their suggestions for the NEP. Over 2 lakh people had sent in their suggestions,” PM said.

“The nation has taken another step after deciding on the National Education Policy. Today, the country is discussing in detail and thinking about its implementation. The policy will give a new direction to social and economic life of 21st century India,” he added.

“This policy would prepare the nation’s youth on knowledge and skills equally. The new education policy focuses on learning, instead of study. It moves ahead of curriculum and focuses on critical thinking,” he added.

“The pressure on students for specific streams have been removed. Our youth will now be able to learn according to their interests. Earlier, students used to pick a stream beyond their aptitude and they realised it much later. Such problems have been done away with in the NEP,” PM said.

“With vocational exposure right from early age, our youth will get better prepared for life. Our youth’s participation in the global job market and employ-ability in India will increase with practical learning,” PM added.

“Under the NEP, we’ve opened the pathway to open campuses of best international institutes in India for our students. When top campuses will open in India, our students will get more competitive and will not have to go abroad for quality education,” PM Modi said.