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Delhi records daily recovery count of 3500; recovery rate increases to 87%

As per officials from the Delhi Government, better healthcare provisions have led to this outcome.

SNS | New Delhi |

According to the Health Department of the Delhi government, out of 2,32,912 coronavirus recoveries, 77,234 recovery cases were recorded this month. The daily recovery count is 3500 patients on an average. This has led recovery rate to increase from 84% to 87%.

As per officials from the Delhi Government, better healthcare provisions have led to this outcome. He said that due to a significant increase in testing there is an increase in the number of infections as well but recovery is also rapidly increasing. The biggest reason for that is contact tracing of the patients.

The biggest COVID hospital in Delhi, Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan (LNJP), has been the center for the highest number of treatment in the country. The Medical Director of LNJP, Dr Suresh Kumar said that since 17 March, 10,775 Corona patients (both positive and negative) have been treated and sent home. The number of people treated are 8066. Dr Suresh said that those who are hospitalized wait for 2-3 days for their report: the people who turned out negative were 2709.

According to Dr Suresh, 1471 corona patients have had their dialysis done. Of the COVID infected pregnant women who have had a safe delivery, 143 have undergone C-sections  while 174 women have had normal deliveries and have returned home post delivery.

Obstetrician Gynecologist Dr Anjali Tempe says that 317 COVID positive women have had safe deliveries. Out of these only 3-4 babies have been found COIVD positive, the rest are healthy and safe.

It has been observed that a COVID positive mother gave birth to a COVID negative child. There is an increase in chances of infection if the baby is close to the mother after birth.

According to Dr Suresh 415 COVID infected children have been treated and sent home. Most of these children were under the age of 12. One 11-year-old girl who had both COVID19 and dengue, has since been treated and sent home. The Head of the Pediatrics Department, Dr Urmila Jhamb said that children were comparatively less affected by the virus. Due to a weaker influence of the virus children recover more easily. Out of the 415 COVID infected children, 70-80 serious cases were admitted to LNJP. Out of these some of the children were found to have been affected by Tuberculosis. Only 3 to 4 children died because of the virus in LNJP. Mothers of children under the age of 12 were given leave to stay in the hospital.

According to the staff, identifying COVID positive patients could have been a challenge had the people themselves not quickly got themselves tested or taken help by calling the control room.

As per the press note, 317 COVID positive women had a safe delivery, 415 children born COVID negative while 415 children won the war against COVID19.