Even as the BJP unit has come out strongly against the Supreme Court verdict allowing entry to women of all age to Sabarimala, the party mouthpiece ‘Janmabhoomi’ has published an article supporting the Supreme Court verdict.

The article, which appeared in the Malayalam daily on Thursday, titled, ‘Sabarimala: No importance for unnecessary controversy,’ states that some people are trying to create confusion within the Hindu community following the verdict.

The article written by R Sanjayan, deputy director of Bharatheeya Vichara Kendra says there is absolutely nothing in the verdict that goes against the Hindu beliefs or the Hindu society.

“The verdict by Supreme Court is in no way affecting the existing rituals and beliefs of Sabarimala. Not only that, the entry of women believers will only enhance the glory and popularity of the temple,” says the article.

“As far as the Hindu society is concerned, it is important to safeguard the temples and their rituals but at the same time, we must also keep in mind to progress with time. If we continue to stick to irrational beliefs, it will go on to decay and exploit the society,” the article says It further says on the pretext of the Supreme Court verdict, some elements are trying to create ideological problems within the Hindu society, this cannot be accepted at any cost.

Meanwhile, BJP state president PS Sreedharan Pillai said on Thursday the party will offer complete support to the protests of devotees against the SC verdict on women entry to Sabarimala.

BJP youth wing Yuva Morcha and women wing Mahila Morcha have already came out in protest against the verdict.