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Antibiotics, antipyretic drugs fly off the shelf

Similarly, sanitizers, masks, Dettol, savlon, etc are showing hiked-up sales.

Statesman News Service | Paralakhemundi |

The doctors stressed on the diligent use of medicines, and not to take antibiotics without consulting a physician as reports of certain drugs flew off the shelf of medicine stores in rural areas and small towns.

“Even for normal flu or cold, people are getting panicky and using every type of antibiotic unaware of the side reactions it causes,” said the chief district medical officer Dr P K Patra.

It may be mentioned here that antibiotics like Azithromycin, Cefixime, and antipyretic like Dolo 650, Crocin, etc are flying off the shelf of all pharmaceutical outlets. Many have started providing a ‘Covid kit’ based on widely circulated prescriptions of infected persons under treatment at hospitals.

Similarly, sanitizers , masks, Dettol , savlon etc are showing hiked-up sales.

Meanwhile, sanitation and hygienic conditions at the Covid Care Hospital, at Betaguda run by the district administration remains much to be desired. Most of the Carona infected patients admitted to this government-run facility, allege that the surrounding is unclean and the bathrooms stink.

“My younger brother along with his daughter (in her teens) were admitted yesterday to the Betaguda Covid Care Center. The cleanliness and the related issues left a lot to be desired and the patients admitted here are complaining ” said Devaraj Patra.

Unlike in other districts of the state, there are no private Covid Care Centre’s in any other places, and the patients have no option but to go to the government hospital. The CDMO Gajapati Dr. P Ch Patra, on the other hand, said the entire health sector is under acute stress.

We are trying our best to maintain all facilities, and already a critical care centre has been opened recently at Rasuru Sitapur. Normal cases with limited Carona issues are coming to the Betaguda Centre , and since it is accommodating 280 patients there are bound to be some problems” he said.

While there is no dearth of medicines and other supplementary products related to Covid treatment, there is an apprehension that this is bound to be a shortage anytime, as cases are going up.