All PMs of Congress family opposed reservations: Modi in Bihar

The PM said the “jungle-raj parties” are planning to subvert the reservation scheme and are speaking lies on the Constitution.

All PMs of Congress family opposed reservations: Modi in Bihar

Photo: IANS

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday attacked the Congress and the RJD on the reservation issue saying if Babasaheb Ambedkar was not there, Nehruji would not have allowed reservation for Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs) and had written a letter to chief ministers to oppose it.

Addressing a BJP election rally in Purvi Champaran, Bihar he said the “jungle-raj parties” are planning to subvert the reservation scheme and are speaking lies on the Constitution. From Nehruji to Rajiv Gandhi, all Prime Ministers of the Congress family opposed OBC reservation, he said.

The Congress has been dishonest with the poor, SCs, STs, OBCs and women, and is now left with only one vote bank, the Prime Minister said. To appease it, the Congress wants to snatch the SC, ST, and OBC reservation on the basis of religion and wants to give it to the “vote-jihad” people. Since the Constitution does not allow it, the party wants to change the Constitution, he said.


“You have seen Modi’s track record. Modi has in the last 10 years used the support of about 400 MPs to its government to strengthen the poor, Dalits, the backward and deprived sections of people. The NDA first made a Dalit son and then a tribal daughter President of the country, and gave constitutional status to the Backward Classes Commission,” he said.

Interests of the SCs, STs, and OBCs were never more protected than under the BJP and NDA, he said. The scope of reservation was extended to medical admissions and in schools. To ensure this level of social security continues, he told the crowds, “You must ensure a strong government at the Centre under Modi.”

The prime minister told the people their affection and enthusiasm showed what would happen during the sixth and seventh rounds of polling. In the first round, the INDI alliance was defeated; it was destroyed in the following rounds, and in the fifth round on Monday, it was completely decimated, he said.

Those who considered themselves rulers of people, are going to get such a defeat that the whole world will wonder, he said. The 4 June results will give a blow to corruption, politics of appeasement, tukde-tukde gang, the ideology that causes unrest in the society, the perverse mentality which abuses Sanatan, the criminal-mafia jungle-raj and the anti-woman mindset, Mr Modi said.

He said the Congress and its allies wasted 60 years of Independence, and destroyed life of three to four generations. After 60-70 years of Independence, “when you gave the son of a poor mother to serve the people, toilets came to every home.”

Modi is working day and night to provide water at every home, he said. The Congress and its allies like the RJD made people cry for amenities; the poor became poorer. In 60 years, the Congress built its palaces, opened accounts in Swiss banks and “you did not have even enough food to fill your stomachs. Their almirahs were stuffed with money; mountains of currency notes,” he said.

“I need a strong government at the Centre, not to make Modi or his family strong, but to make the bright future of your children and to realize your dreams. I have come from Gujarat, the birth place of Gandhi to this karmabhoomi of Gandhi, to seek your blessings,” he said. Those born with a silver spoon do not know what is hard work, he said.”

Amidst shouts of Modi-Modi, the prime minister said somebody had said Modi would get bed rest after 4 June. “I pray to God there should be no occasion for bed rest for any citizen in the country. Every citizen should be full of energy, and celebrate life. But what else can be expected from the inheritor of jungle-raj,” he said.

They are all like this, he said. Congress people say “Modi, your grave will be dug.” The party has a counterpart in Uttar Pradesh. The shehzada of Uttar Pradesh (Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav) says that Modi will spend his last days in Varanasi.

In this election, these people have no issue but to abuse Modi, he said. Some say Modi’s grave will be dug, and some say he will be given a burial, Congress shehzada (Rahul Gandhi) wants to see tears in the eyes of Modi, the INDI people should know the country does not run according to their wishes, anymore.

On 4 June, the INDI alliance is seeing defeat and getting restless. They are raising questions on Modi’s schemes. They know nothing about the country, he said.

“I give my report card wherever I go, I ask the INDI alliance for their record. They took land for jobs, can they think about the future of the youth? During their jungle raj only bombs, land mafia, and abductions business flourished,” he said.

His government removed Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and ensured the construction of the Ram temple. What kind of people are they, they were given an invitation for Pran Pratishtha but they rejected it, he said.

They will go to the house of a person who has served a jail term for theft, and have food there but have no time to go to Ram Lalla’s temple. Modi has resolved disputes for decades and given solutions. Modi is not like them to cheat the poor, he said.