An Indian Dhow with 11 crew members on board has been hijacked by Somali pirates, a sailor union official said here on Monday.

"The Dhow, 'Al Kausar' is said to be carrying a cargo of some edible items and foodstuffs and was proceeding from Dubai to Yemen's Al Mukala Port when it was hijacked on Saturday," National Union of Seafarers of India General Secretary Abdul Gani Serang told IANS.

He said that the vessel had crew members originating from Mandvi in Mumbai, but NUSI is not aware of their details as they don't belong to the merchant navy.

Quoting official sources, Serang said that the Dhow's master had informed the maritime authorities in Dubai and the owners of the incident and now efforts are underway to get the vessel and crew released safely from the pirates.

India's External Affairs Ministry has been apprised of the piracy while Indian maritime authorities, along with their counterparts from various African countries are coordinating the rescue efforts.

Serang termed the hijack incident as "frustration" on the part of the high sea pirates who are now under severe pressures with Indian and other nations keeping a strict vigil on the international waters and sea routes in the region since the past few years.