A US-bound Air India passenger plane made “precautionary landing” at London airport after a “bomb threat” on Thursday.

The AI 191 flight, which was on its way from Mumbai to New Jersey’s Newark airport, turned back over Northern Ireland and was diverted to the Stansted airport following the bomb threat.

“The AI 191 Mumbai-Newark flight made a precautionary landing at London Stansted Airport due to bomb threat,” Air India tweeted.

The airline in its tweet said, “updates in the matter follows”.

The tweet was, however, deleted later and there is has been no update since then.

The UK’s Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the civilian aircraft, reports said.

In a statement, London’s Stansted Airport said its runway had reopened after the “precautionary landing”.

The Air India Boeing 777 “diverted into the airport at 10:15 hrs and landed safely with the Essex Police in attendance,” the further statement read.

Meanwhile, the United Airlines has suspended its services between Newark and Mumbai amid heightened tensions in the Gulf of Oman.

The airlines said it had taken the decision after conducting a thorough safety and security review of its India service through the Iranian airspace.

India has also suspended flight services over the “affected part of the Iranian airspace”.