The much-awaited festival of Chhathi Maiya is here. It’s already the second day of the four-day long festival and people observing this rituals cannot contain their enthusiasm as a multitude of things needs to be done, including cleaning their houses and surrounding, fetching holy waters from water bodies and of course, preparing prasad for today’s Lohanda. Another inseparable part of the festival are Chhath Geet that add more colour to the popular festival.

To add to the festive fervour, we bring you some famous Chhath Geet that you can play on loop. These enchanting, non-stop beats would encourage the vrati (devotees) as they prepare themselves to observe the 36-hour long fast, and instill a sense of celebration among the family members.

Here’s the list:

Song: Kaanch hi baans ke bahangiya

Singer: Kajal Anokha

Song: Kelwa Ke Patwa

Singer: Devi

Song: Chhathi Mai Ki Mahima

Singer: Pawan Singh

Song: Hey Chhathi Maiya

Singer: Sharda Sinha

Song: Patna Ke Ghatwa Pe

Singer: Kalpana, Sunil Bihari