Diwali is the time of new beginnings and also the time to spend quality time with the warm company of our loved ones. That feeling of coming together as a family is unparalleled and celebrating the little rituals from cleaning the house and preparing sweet delicacies to make colourful rangolis and lighting up the mitti diyas in every corner of the house, this festival is a little bit of everything, for everyone.

As we step into the Diwali festivities, one cannot miss out on the gifts we exchange as a token of love and appreciation. Gifting on Diwali is not only a ritual but also is a sweet gesture expressing your love and care with your close ones. And what better way to show that you care than giving someone a gift packed with love, care and good health?

Here are some healthy gift ideas your loved ones will surely appreciate:

1)      Dry fruits 

Ditch the ladoos and chocolates and treat your guests with the goodness of dry fruits this year. Not only is it a great alternative to sweets but also one can use it in multiple ways and recipes. Opt for a nice mix of dry fruits and customize it with a basket and a heartfelt handwritten letter to add a personal touch. This is sure going to make your guests smile with all their heart.

2)      Workout Footwear

Amidst all the preparation of home-made sweet delicacies, one is sure to over-indulge in this festive season and put on that extra weight. A nice pair of workout shoes is the perfect way to motivate your loved ones to detox their bodies. The newly launched Skechers GoRun 7+ with HyperBurst cushioning is an extremely lightweight footwear shoe, making it a great gift to embark upon your fitness journey post-Diwali. Because, while it is okay to indulge, one needs to take care of their bodies post the festivities.

3)      Fitness Band

A fitness band is a great gift to track your fitness journey post-Diwali. Not only is it a perfect fitness gear as it will account for all the Diwali decadence but also a style statement in itself. The market is filled with a variety of fitness bands, so you get to choose from different colours and price ranges that fit your budget.

4)      Health Drinks

Yet another healthy gift is a health drink to serve your guests as they visit your place. Not only is it guilt-free, tasty drink filled with goodness, but will keep a check on your weight and leave them wanting for more. This will not just look interesting while serving but also make for an ideal gift for someone who is trying to lose weight.

5)      Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles have an uplifting effect on both the mind and the body, improving the overall wellbeing and manage stress. This is perfect for your guests which will add a little health and happiness into their home leaving their home warmer, cosier and sweet-scented.

This Diwali, share your time and love with your loved ones and gift them good health with these innovative gifts.