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Solo Art

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

Being a passionate art lover, Indian artist Sailesh Kumar Sanghvi is all set to showcase his solo art exhibition in the Capital. Broadly categorised into two sections ~ The Dances of India and Elan,the exposition will display the artist's acrylic canvas collages and paper collage.

In the first section, titled The Dances of India, the artist would bring out the multiple facets of the varied Indian dance forms through his acrylic canvas collage such as Bhangra, Kathakali and Dandiya-Raas. The finer aspects of the varied dance styles that he was deeply impressed with during his visits to those places, across the country will be focused on.

These works are delineated in vibrant colours and bright hues with special attention to the dancer's costumes and embellishments, reflecting a mood of celebration and festivity. The painting also equally highlights the audience and the drama unfolding around as much as they do on the central performer and the accompanying musicians, depicting the "completeness" of the act in a sense.

The second section, Élan, consists of paper collages depicting the lifestyle of the common Indian and cultural dimensions in India, through paintings on modern city life to ghats of Banaras and Haridwar. These works are imbued with inner vitality and truth of interpretation of both inner life and outer behaviour of the common Indian man.

The self-taught artist has always been experimental in his art practice. Always ready to try innovative ideas, he ventured into collage using the nouvelle art practice of working with canvas, pasted on a canvas, stretched on a board. These works, which are on a monumental scale, require patience and are time consuming to create.

Inspired by Gerhard Richter and Raja Ravi Verma, Sanghvi paints in different mediums and style. Besides, his work includes both abstract and a collage collection, wherein it almost takes six to eight months to complete one painting, says the artist. The medium of canvas acrylic collage is quite unusual and is well received by Indian art lovers.

The exhibition is scheduled to begin from 21 April and will go on till 30 April at the Bikaner House, Pandara Road, in the Capital.