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I restore cars as a passion and not as a profession: Uday Bahadur

There is no cultural shock but in fact a cultural pleasure when compared to modern automobiles.

Akanksha Rathor | New Delhi | Updated :

You don’t run into classic car enthusiasts but The Statesman and VCCI Vintage and Classic Car rallies and displays are rare occasion when you can see the proud owners of vintage cars and interact with them There are many classic car lovers around the world who like to own vintage automobiles for their heritage value and aesthetics. But Uday Bahadur has passion for driving these vintage/classic beauties. We caught up with Mr Uday Bahadur and talked to him about his about his love of life -vintage cars.

Q. When did you acquire Bentley S1?

I bought this car in the year 2017, but restored it in the year 2018.

Q. Tell me more about your Bentley S1, and your journey with cars?

With an original automatic transmission and power steering capabilities, it is in mint showroom condition. I have possessed it for the last 5 years now, and I have driven 28,000 miles or 45,000 km. Probably making it the most driven vintage/classic car in India. I am a firm believer in using the car and not keeping it as a showpiece only.

Q. Have you always had this particular aim in mind like restoring it, or just being passionate, or nostalgic?

I am very passionate about vintage/classic cars. I clean, polish and restore it myself. I have overhauled the engine and the transmission in my own workshop. I restore cars as a passion and not as a profession. I pay attention to every little detail. It’s literally a case of passion without reason. For me trifles make perfection but perfection is no trifle.

Q. What all shows and events your Bentley s1 has participated in till now?

It’s been a part of all the major events in the past. The 21 Gun Salute, Rajputana Rally in Jaipur, and The Statesman Vintage and Classic Car Rally . It has won various awards at all events.

Q. As you are participating/have already participated in The Statesman VCCR display, what are your views about it? It’s a very well-organised and prestigious event. We really appreciate The Statesman as an organisation for bringing a platform and opportunity to every vintage/classic car owner to participate and interact with each other, also such events help promote Vintage and Classic cars in India.

Q. Will you continue to restore it?
I mean getting the mechanical work intact to keep it operational? Yes, it is an ongoing process to keep it in mint and immaculate condition.

Q. Apart from car’s aesthetic values, why is there such an enduring love and fascination for vintage cars?

Firstly, these vintage cars are a part of our heritage. The beautiful limes and majestic designs leave everybody spellbound just looking at them. They are a constant reminder of our rich history and past automotive engineering.

Q. Are there any culture shocks in driving this car as compared to our modern cars?

There is no cultural shock but in fact a cultural pleasure when compared to modern automobiles.