The germs are lying in ambush on everything, and one has to put your hand in it. From there it will enter the body. Corona virus came and made us clean. Before and after eating, after coming from the toilet, wash hands even if one touch the table-chair, or touch nose and mouth. And if one can wash hands while getting up and sitting down, then there is no problem. Is it science!!, not madness! Everyone knows how important hand washing is at the moment. But how did this hand washing habit come about?

It’s in the middle of the eighteenth century. Child bed fever (puerperal fever) seemed to be spreading in Vienna General Hospital. Maternity mothers were dying in groups. But why? Hungarian physician Ignaz Philip Samelweis sat down to look for the cause. He thought, is it not because of un-cleanliness! As a result, he issued new rules for doctors. He said that before examining the pregnant women, they should wash their hands thoroughly with chlorinated lime. Equipment should also be washed. It will be seen after that, whether the problem decreases or not. He is pressing the responsibility of patient death on the doctors! The situation was such that he had to leave his job and return to Hungary.

No work at hand. Broken heart, But he has to prove that it is also a way to cure patients. He began the experiment. In 1861, he published a research paper in a well-known science journal. Doctors should wash their hands thoroughly before examining or operating on a patient, he said. Because he has seen that death is more if he sees a patient without washing his hands after handling the corpse in the morgue.

The situation escalated. Everyone inside and outside the house started thinking, he has gone crazy. Deep loneliness and despair engulfed him and he began to suffer from depression. He was then sent to a mental hospital. That is 1865 years. He was said to have ‘neuro-syphilis’, some said he was possessed by a ghost.

The hospital started treating the unnaturally by beatings day after day. The wounded body began to poison. Poison spread all over the body, in the blood. He died of septicemia on August 13, 1865, at the age of 47, without treatment.

No one mourned his death including The Hungarian Medical Society. No doctor came to the funeral. After a long time, the bacteriological theory was established, that is, scientists accepted that germs can cause disease, and he survived again, holding the hand of another great man, Louis Pasteur.

His research was recognized. His name was written in gold letters in the history of science. Hungary’s Budapest still bears his signature.

Samelweis proved with his soul that hand washing is obligatory to stay healthy. It’s not madness, it’s science. Among the common people, the most awareness about this was created during the Corona period. This theory was further strengthened by this tiny virus. The only key to staying healthy right now is to wash your hands frequently and wearing a facemask. So, avoiding hand washing means calling for infection. Stay healthy on the advice of a doctor. Stay well.

Repeated hand washing is the only key to staying healthy.