The summer heat wave had an excruciating toll on me as one day I decided to stroll along the tract from my coaching class; I stopped at the corner of the track just to glance at a fancy poster with colossal vibrant alphabets and paint smeared across it in a wild gusto. It read "This Environment Day, Let us make a difference." It is overwhelming to find these days, the way common citizens attempt to demonstrate their concern for our environment in an explicit manner. Environment beneficiary projects, artistic pamphlets, embellished science projects and what not. But on a very realistic basis counting the number of people participating to promote environmental awareness, the statistical figure is utterly regrettable. All attempts become unpleasantly fruitless. We never join hands for a common cause, we merely make promises to do so.

World environment day makes us believe how adorable seasides, woodlands and mountains are. These places justify how breathtakingly ravishing countrysides are. We tend to forget about the metropolis and semi urban regions still clad in dilapidation and neglect. We must not lay aside the mere fidelity that World Environment day contributes a short 24 hours for engaging ourselves in this wondrous task of reinforcing the notion of ‘environment consciousness.’ A day after altering people’s perspective and interpretation to some extent, we return to the regressive state whereby our own citizens pay no attention to our surrounding.

The distressing fact is that we imagine a better world in near future, without making our present worthwhile. We preach but never perform.

Therefore, this Environment Day, let’s truly make a difference, let us take pledge not only to sermonise the wondrous task of environment protection but to execute our proposition in the most
extraordinary way.

Coordinator, Class XII, St Teresa’s Secondary School, Kidderpore.