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Message of peace through flower painting

Statesman News Service |


The message of Unification, Freedom and Peace was spread by Korean Cultural Center India through flower and Ink painting exhibition themed under the subject ‘Integration’.

As the name suggests message of unity was portrayed by the artworks. The exhibition saw two forms – flower arrangement and traditional Ink painting which was portrayed by 19 participating artists from India and Korea. On one hand the beauty of the nature and changing season was showcased on the other hand the demilitarsation zone and its impact was displayed.

The artwork of artist Choi Younghye displayed the demilitarization zone between North and South Korea with the use of flowers and water stream. This is a restricted area of both the nations.

In the art work of Joann Soh (Ink painting) birds were seen flying and crossing the boundaries created by humans. These birds had no fear of barriers.

Artist Sneha Negi in her ink painting art work brought together the mighty mountains of both the nations – South and North Korea. The idea behind was that boundaries are created by human beings and not the nature. Though in reality the mountains are not placed together but is used here as a metaphor for bringing the unity back. Artist Hyeon Suk Kwon showcased a plant by using black ink on Hanji paper (Traditional Korean Paper) which said that some things are unchangeable.

Anupriya’s art work was very different as she by the use of ink painting created a tree and cut it into several pieces, which was distributed haywire. Her message was that once a branch is broken it actually cannot add up. The connection is just with oneself that is projected to others.

Prachi Jain, in her art work, had displayed the trunk with leaves which said that the existence is important with its co-existence.

Some art works (ink painting) displayed the use of white and red flowers, where white symbolized South Korea and red North Korea. The harmony is co-existence was the message behind it.

Nineteen students of Korean Cultural Center India had participated in this exhibition. The students were from two classes- Flower arrangement class and Ink painting class.