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Her magical spell on us

Rythem Lath | New Delhi |

We believe that the emotions associated with our mothers cannot be explained but expressed. That’s a flawed assumption. Maybe science cannot explain everything but can elucidate us the love of a mother from its few discrete laws devised by some of the prodigy kids of our world.

A mother and her love both is a concept of a higher dimension that we are not able to perceive consciously. But there are some aspects of her nature that science has secretly conveyed to us through its miraculous laws, one just need the eye to comprehend that.

We have learnt about the speed of light rule during our school days. It says that the speed of light travels faster than sound. Applying this is to a mother-child relationship we will understand that why mothers don’t need to hear the voice of her child to know what he or she feels, why the sight of the child is only a hint enough for her. That is how our mothers are skilled in interpreting everything from our countenance.

Another theory of special relativity by Albert Einstein also explains the above. According to it, the speed of light in a vacuum will be the same for all observers, regardless of the motion of the light source.

This implies that mothers diagnose their child’s problems with the same speed, irrespective of their pretensions. We might be assuming that we have succeeded in hiding away our sorrows, still she gets to know.

We have also studied the law of conservation of energy. It explains that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another. Similarly, the love of a mother is one powerful source of energy that never dies. It takes the form of care, affection, sometimes anger and resentment but it’s never lost. ?

Her pats on our back, her yip-yaps, the caresses and kisses, her silences and her laughs, are all transformed forms of the stupendous love she has for us.

Even Professor Trelawney (a character from Harry Potter) will be unable to predict a mother’s short temper. We let our mother know that we are going for a shower and she gets angry for no reason. Interestingly, science has the cracked this mystery too. The pressure-temperature law has the answer to it. This law states that the pressure of a gas of fixed mass and fixed volume is directly proportional to the gas’s temperature. Hence, the amount of pressure our nuisances’ builds upon her will be equal to the temperature of her temper.

But there are a few puzzles still unsolved. Like, why only a glance of her is necessary when we come back home. Her cooking skills might not be the greatest, but it’s her unpeeled potatoes or lumps in the curry that we always crave for. Alas! We cannot decode all the spells she casts on us.

Ex-Chettinad Vidyasharam, Chennai