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Fine dining experience in the sky

Kamal Kumar |

Job hunting can be really frustrating at times. After going through several rounds of interviews, taking as many exams, filling application forms and spending hours to confirm and offer letter, you realise it is an unavoidable grind. All you wish for is a job that promises a handsome salary and a decent lifestyle.

Job of an airline chef assures that pretty well. Her job profile is to prepare delicacies for passengers, who are the airline’s clients. During the journey, the chef prepares delicious cuisines and refreshments as ordered by the passengers to make them feel more comfortable and at home.

They have several responsibilities assigned to them. They coordinate with the management team and also make the menu look more attractive and inclusive. Keeping in mind people’s preferences for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, they design the menu to please all on board.

Besides honing their culinary skills, chefs also have to work on their body language, personality and communication skills. They should be able to convince the passenger to try new additions on the menu. They should, at all times, feel motivated to experiment with food. For that formal culinary training is important.

A degree from a hotel management institute helps them improve their chances of growth in the industry. Since, it is not possible to have all ingredients on board at all times, chefs should know the next best alternatives to dishes ordered by passengers. It is advisable to gain onground experience and then graduate to become a chef on airlines.

A culinary certification or Bachelor’s degree in hospitality are prerequisites to working as an airline chef. After receiving the degree, one also has to gain experience in a restaurant. The first stage in the hierarchy is the line cook. A senior chef will mentor the trainee chefs about the importance of safety while cooking and menu planning.

They must be enthusiastic to polish their cooking and kitchen skills. Also, she should know the importance of teamwork and how to work in coordination with other teams. Equally important is to know how to maintain hygiene standards and oversee kitchen operations on-board. At the same time, she should know how to deal with an emergency situation.

The institution or college helps to lighten their overall growth and give them all the proper guidance they need in their career. Always choose a reputed training institution and colleges. To build the skills necessary to become a chef, formal training will be necessary.

This training might occur in a college or university, through a culinary school or in an apprenticeship. Programmes at colleges and culinary schools typically last from one to four years, depending on a variety of factors, including the type of programme and the level of the award, such as a certificate or degree.

The length of an apprenticeship is usually determined by the master chef’s requirements and the student’s goals.

An airline chef can explore the many available growth opportunities. She can be assigned a duty in the first- class cabin. An experienced in-flight chef may later choose to work on the ground in a VIP lounge or make the transition of working on-board private jets or yachts.

After pursuing the graduation in hospitality and by learning the process, one can earn the starting amount can be Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 and it can get increase according to your experience and hard work.

The writer is director, Lakshay Bhartee International Institute of Hotel Management