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“Art makes me feel complete and happy”: Shailja Jain

Whenever you are sad or stressed, just pick up your colour palette and start painting.

Shweta Kumari | New Delhi |

Art is a human activity that has a diverse range. An artist just picks up his\her colour palette and paint their Imagination on the canvas. Every art has some hidden message or a deep message in it. A veteran of myriad forms of fine arts— Shailja Jain is a fabulous artist. Her personality exudes the charm of her palette that probably holds the rainbow of her optimism, her thoughts, and the depths of the oceans of her perspectives towards life. She is the founder of Shailja’s Studio, Gurugram. Jain shared her experience and the importance of art in one’s life. Excerpts:

Q: When is your favourite time of day to create?

A: I love to do painting at any time, especially when I feel stressed or sad I start painting and it makes me feel relaxed.

Q: Have you had any courses in painting?

A: (Laughs) I have never done any course related to painting. I have done MA in Economics. And sometimes I feel very happy that I have not done any course because I don’t have to follow any rules as other artists do. I just pick up my paintbrush and start painting and paints whatever comes to my mind.

Q: What inspired you to start painting? 

A: (With a sparkle in her eyes) I was in Mumbai and I went for my first exhibition. My exhibition was just opposite to a renowned artist and various Bollywood actors came to their exhibition. because of being just in the opposite, they made a visit to my studio also. All the actors praised me and said that despite being from a non-artist background I have done very beautiful painting. This statement sparked the artist in me and I started making more paintings. I even participated in my exhibitions. That first exhibition was just a benefit for me (Laughs)!

Q: How did you get the idea of opening Shailja’s Studio and what is the main motive of this studio? 

A: When my daughters settled, I thought that now its the time, I must open a studio of my own that will provide a space to not only artists but also poets. The main motive of this studio is to provide a platform for all the artists.

Q: What fascinates you more while painting?

A: (With a smile) The earthy colours fascinates me a lot. I love these colours!

Q: Describe how art is important to society.

A: Art is very important for society and also for inner peace. Whenever you are sad or stressed, just pick up your colour palette and start painting. It will 100 per cent make you feel relaxed and stress-free. Your mind will become calm and cool.