The fashion industry is the fast moving career path among the young generation. The glamour quotient always attracts enthusiast who have a zest to bring in its originality in the market. It offers an array of opportunities in designing and creativity, in integration with technology and management aptitude. Being associated with the fashion world, it does not limit one with the designing of clothes but extend in the areas of art and design as well.

Among others, fashion styling is an emerging profession. It also has one unique career path as wedding stylist. This has been a hot favourite in the West but India is slowly and steady attracting this segment. Those with a distinctive idea about the styling with an eye for trend and culture will be able to make their mark in the industry. This field is perfect for those who love creativity, has passion and immense love for fashion and wants to keep experimenting.

They come as a saviour for all those who want to look best in every way for the special occasion. They mostly work for clients to give them a personal style starting from the beginning of the celebrations to their daily routine set till the D-day. The work involves the selection of the best styling items from the best of the places or designers as per the clients’ budget and preferences. It can be a person or one full team dedicated to looking after a particular thing that works to conceptualise and execute the event styling. Their work is not just limited to the physical appearance of the client, but their body language and facial expression to look prettier as well giving a comfort feel with others.

One myth that has been associated with this career is that people think styling someone is a comfortable job. Making your client happy by providing the best in the budget is not an easy task. A stylist needs to go from one place to another or even cities to get the perfect thing for him/her. It is important to know your client as well and make sure to do things as per their preference and likings.

It is not mandatory to be a graduate or postgraduate but without formal training, it would be difficult, where some institutes can help you brush up your skills and expertise. One can attain a diploma or a degree in fashion styling related course to get the amalgamation of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to the industry. After completing or during the training, one can start by either working with the team of known stylists. This helps the person to understand the industry with more of a practical knowledge and have a closer look at the reality. Whilst those who are very talented and have an exceptionally good portfolio, ambition, and perseverance, it may be possible.

The skill sets one must inculcate is that s/he should be artistic and creative with an eye for an outfit, jewellery, make-up, draping style keeping the trend and culture in mind. They should be able to communicate ideas through the presentation, work out costs and budgets. The most effective mantra to succeed in a frequently changing industry is to be on your toes and have all the knowledge about all the latest happening of the fashion industry.

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