Almost every Indian, in their childhood, has played cricket in the gullies. Whether you’re 40 or 14, hearing the words “Meri bat hai, mein hi captain banunga” reminds you of all those childhood fights and brings back an array of sweet memories of all those afternoons where the weather didn’t matter a bit and you would run out to play cricket with your friends.

TVF Qtiyaapa’s latest sketch starring Shivankit Parihar, Jasmeet Singh and Sachin Negi would surely remind you of the days when fights were forgotten in a couple of minutes, when friends became enemies, enemies became allies and each ‘tappa’ counted as having immense value – all over the span of some badly bowled overs and a few major fights over the batting line-up in the gully cricket match!

This is the second video of the ‘GREAT INDIAN QTIYAPA’ series after ‘Bhartiya Rail Qtiyapa’, this video is sure to make one and all want to immediately ring up those colony friends of yours and rush to your Gully for a quick cricket clash.

With the Cricket World Cup 2019 underway, each and every person is hooked onto their television when the Indian players come out to bat with chants screaming ‘India! India!’. Before any stadium or club, we prefer paying cricket in our gullies and Indians would relate to this significantly.

TVF Qtiyaapa is popular for producing relatable online content and this sketch is bound to make you look back and cherish all those lovely moments you shared.

Speaking about the sketch, Jasmeet Singh explained, “Anyone who has grown up in India has bound to have, at least once, played a game of Gully Cricket. High are the stakes that these games can be more competitive that the IPL (Indian Premier League) itself! We’ve all been through those times when it has taken forever to even start a game because no one came to an agreement on the rules, or because someone cheated, or sometimes even because mummy came screaming when you hadn’t finished your homework before the game. This TVF Qtiyaapa sketch is a true depiction of all those fantastic moments that made our lives so rich and beautiful!”

Here is the video: