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Top 5 web series every girl must watch

Kick off your shoes, get that popcorn, and prepare your weekend to binge on these amazing web series that you need to watch right away!

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Are you tired of same romance and melodrama on TV? Kick off your shoes, get that popcorn, and prepare your weekend to binge on these amazing web series that you need to watch right away! Watch these web series, where you can get the perfect fix of entertainment!

Girl In The City


Girl in the city, a show by Bindass, covers the story of a fun loving girl name Meera who comes to Mumbai to live her dreams in the field of fashion. The series is well scripted and relatable to every girl’s life.

Confessions: It’s Complicated

Confessions: It’s Complicated


The story revolves around the journey of three girls who took a leap of faith and moved to a new city for jobs in their fields. During this journey, these girls discover friendship, emotions, and love in each other.

Little Things


This series explores the little things that make or break our relationships. This is one of the most adorable series. If you are rom-com type of a girl, then definitely you should try it.

Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates


This web series is a must watch for every girl in a relationship.  It shows the life of a couple separated by distance and how things change when they decide to alter the things in their life.

The Trip


Four girls head for a bachelorette road trip of their best friend and have loads of adventures on it. The four of them share a great bond and even discuss their problems and give solutions to each other.

So, girls what are you waiting for. Grab your laptop and popcorns and hit the web series.